Change Your Now! 8 Week Total Body Challenge

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There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to join us for our 8 Week Total Body Challenge and see how you can make the results you gain, permanent! We’re bringing you an 8 Week program to ensure that you maximize your efforts with coaching and support while you achieve your goals in an empowering environment that will help you succeed!
Join Jennifer MacKenzie and the amazing staff of Lagree Instructors at our Studio and experience a community vibe that will get you motivated! You’ll receive personalized coaching from Jen, along with exclusive weekly meetings, nutrition and food prep ideas and recipes, daily interactions on our secret Facebook group page as well as other ways to maximize your results for this challenge. We’ll measure your successes and be here to assist you every step of the way to make this a chance for you to succeed, see results and make it a change that lasts! There’s an awesome prize at the end as well! We would love to see you enroll and invest in yourself!

Click through the information about the 8 Week Challenge below. If you’re on a mobile device, tap the first image to scroll through all five pages using the down arrow at 90% zoom.
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If you’re ready to Enroll, click this link to purchase your Enrollment into the 8 Week Total Body Challenge. Note* If you are currently on an Unlimited Contract of any time frame, enrolling in the program is all you need to do.

IF you are new to Body by Lagree, OR if you’re on Class Sessions, you are able to purchase EXCLUSIVE pricing for this 8 Week Challenge for $198 UNLIMITED that will have you covered for this 8 Week Challenge as you are committing to attending four sessions per week minimum. after you purchase your enrollment. Note* If you have class sessions, they can remain in your account unused if you choose to purchase the 8 Wk. Unlimted option after enrolling.
Click here to purchase the 8 Weeks Unlimited AFTER you Enroll.

If we haven’t covered a question that you may have, please drop a comment or reach out by emailing us at

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you for the KICK-OFF MEETING on Sunday, April 28th- Noon at the Studio!
Enrollment and Unlimted 8 wk. purchases are also available at Body by Lagree during our normal desk hours.

We’re going to set that CORE and those ABS on FIRE in May and Lift and Burn that Bum and Lower Body in June! You’re going to see amazing gains!

Here’s Your Personal Invite from Jennifer MacKenzie!

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  1. I have signed up online and I’m very excited to change my body. Unfortunately I’m not available on the 28th for the first meeting.

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