Look at the Results that the Megaformer and Clean Eating Can Bring in 8 Weeks!

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Recently we at Body by Lagree London, Ontario invited clients to experience an 8 Week Total Body Challenge. The participants then made a commitment to training with us with the Lagree Fitness Method by partaking in 4 sessions on that mighty Megaformer each week as well as following a meal and sensible eating program guided and coached by our Lagree Certified, Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist, Level 1 Nutrition Coach, Precision 1 Certified Online Trainer, Wellness Consultant and part of the Employee Wellness Solutions Group, Jennifer Mackenzie. Jen provided invaluable information regarding time management, portion control, macronutrient breakdowns, calorie debates, learning to love veggies, mindset control, appetite awareness and hunger cues, trade-off, willpower and more as well as weekly support meeting and a secret Facebook group!
The results are in and we’re sharing an awesome testimony from Ashley G. with all of you!

“Hi, I’m Ashley and I recently completed The Body By Lagree 8 Week TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE! The first thing I have to say is “WOW” what a kick-butt workout. I have two boys 6 and 5 and in September 2018; they both went to school and I struggled to find my place at the gym and at home. Being a stay at home mom yet, with no kids at home much of the day, is quite the change and to top that off, I had broken my hand and was unable to do much of anything for 8 weeks. My eating habits and workout habits were horrible. I started working out at Body By Lagree and loved it, but I still found it difficult to keep up any sort of routine. Then, I got an email from Jen about an 8-week program she was running that would hold us accountable for working out 4 days a week, and learning about healthy eating habits. Well, that was the beginning of an amazing journey! I not only fell in love with Lagree Fitness but ALL of the trainers and the people who worked out here. I started going to Lagree 4/5 times a week, changed my eating habits which included eating more but just the right foods. Iʼm DOWN 18 pounds! I feel so strong, I have better posture, and Iʼm more flexible then I have been in my whole life! Jen didnʼt give us a meal plan, she taught us how to make great food choices. I even shared a lot of the information she gave to me with friends and family. I have full confidence that this is just the beginning of my wonderful health journey. I do not want to wish the summer away but I cant wait to get back 4 or5 days a week in September when my boys are back in school!

Equal congratulations to each of the other participants of our 8 Week Total Body Challenge! Group high fives for accomplishing a lifestyle change worthy of every once of time and effort you put in! Thanks again to our very own Jennifer MacKenzie for her passion and spearheading this opportunity to help others achieve goals and to each of our other team of trainers for doing the same each and every day as well! We couldn’t do this without the uniqueness of each of them equally!

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