This is What a Total Body Workout Looks Like at Body by Lagree!

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We invited some friends in recently to help us capture the essence of what our 50 Minute total body training entails at the studio!
They were amazed at how this low-impact, high-intensity training works not only every muscle group in the body, but every muscle itself during each and every move. There was definitely some sweat, shake and burn going on!
We hope you join us soon to try it out. Your first class is always FREE and you can book your session by downloading our Body by Lagree app on Google Play, the Apple Store, or by calling the Studio during class times.
We look forward to having you in and showing you the amazing benefits of the Lagree Fitness Method and the expertise of our fully certified training staff. It becomes an addiction and we have many clients that have seen a substantial weight loss as well as a drop in their clothes sizings!

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